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How We Work: Your Local Pilates Studio

So you’re looking to reform your fitness? Luck would have it, Newcastle’s number one Pilates studio is just round the corner. Better yet, we’re on a mission to redeem Pilates exercises as the inclusive workout they’re designed to be. Suited to people from every stage and walk of life, read on to learn how we approach our professional Pilates classes.

A Holistic Approach

Pilates have diversity built into them. From the get-go, these exercises were created with both mental and physical health in mind. Not only strengthening your core, improving overall stability and enhancing general posture, Pilates workouts have also been proven to dramatically decrease stress and anxiety. For this reason, our team here at Newcastle Pilates strives to deliver classes that consistently follow this two-pronged approach.

Beginner or Pro

Do the terms ‘Swan Dive’, ‘Spine Stretch Forward’ and ‘Cork-Screw’ mean anything to you? Whether you’re well-acquainted with these moves or positively perplexed by them, our experienced Pilates teachers [insert hyperlink to Meet The Team] are happy to accommodate. Welcoming beginners and pros alike, we have a wealth of tuition knowledge that means no skill level is too little or too much.

Whatever Age, Whatever Gender

Now this is a biggie. Time and time again, we’re asked whether age or gender have any bearing on the efficacy of our Pilates. The definitive answer? No, not one jot. Regularly teaching clients as young as 15 and even up to 80 years old, we firmly believe that age is no barrier to Pilates success. Equally, we’re shaking off the gender stereotypes that have latched themselves to the exercises, with multiple celebrities embodying this inclusivity, from Ian McKellen and Hugh Grant to Mo Farah and Becks himself.

Don’t let preconceptions hold you back. Call our friendly team on 0191 284 9111 or look online today to book your first class at our North East Pilates studio.


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