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Our Pilates: Professional, Personalised, Practical

Set up by our experienced lead physiotherapist, Newcastle Pilates prides itself on being a studio with a physiotherapeutic difference.

Coupling our physiotherapy background with 20 years of combined professional Pilates experience, our team is dedicated to designing Pilates programmes founded on a thorough understanding of human anatomy and function. Taking careful account of biomechanics and evidence-based explanations of pain, we help countless clients strengthen and condition their bodies with exercises that are relevant and customised to their complaints or general fitness aims.


We continually strive to be the best Pilates Studio Newcastle has to offer. We are fully committed to finding new ways to develop and improve our offering to make Pilates as inclusive as possible and bring its many benefits to as many people as we can.

Whilst we specialise in back, neck, shoulder, hip, pelvis, knee and ankle pain, you needn’t have a biomechanical complaint to join our classes. Each of our Pilates sessions encourages clients from any walk of life to firmly take control of their body, from mastering breathing techniques to engaging neglected muscle groups.

Improving Performance

We believe Pilates is part of a preventative, on-going programme, enabling clients to see improved performance in a vast array of activities. Be it their hobbies and sporting pursuits or simple day-to-day tasks, our professional Pilates classes improve posture, muscular strength and flexibility whilst alleviating psychological stress to result in an enhanced, injury-free lifestyle.

In an effort to understand specific client aims and help you to achieve the best possible results, we will ask our clients to complete our Health Questionnaire attending our classes. 

The Facilities

With a fully air conditioned studio based in Gosforth Physio & Wellness plus all required equipment for up to 22 weekly classes, Newcastle Pilates has a variety of cost-effective options available.

To ensure that no client’s needs are overlooked, we keep our class sizes at 8-10 people whilst also offering 1:1 sessions. This approach enables our trained Pilates instructors to examine and identify individual biomechanical weaknesses, providing bespoke sessions.

Strengthen and stabilise your body with our professional knowledge and training.


To book your class with our experienced Pilates instructors, just call our friendly team today on 0191 284 9111

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"I've found Newcastle Pilates to be people who really believe in what they are doing, and are good at it."

 - Dan, Newcastle