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Meet our expert team....

....made up of four accredited physiotherapists specialising in Pilates for strengthening and sports injury prevention or rehabilitation. Whether your class is with Kevin, James, Eythan or Kimberley, you can get to know their professional side here.


With a breadth of personal and professional experience, Kevin is our studio’s Clinical Director. A keen mountaineer and cyclist in his own time, Kevin also has 12 years of Pilates experience behind him. From the rehabilitation of lower back pain and pregnancy Pilates to developing elite athletes, be it ultra runners and triathletes or cage fighters and climbers, his wealth of knowledge informs the creation and development of our professional Pilates programmes. 


James is our Pilates and football guru. As a semi-professional footballer, he has been a striker for over 10 years, playing his part in winning the FA Vase at Wembley Stadium for North Shields. In his physiotherapy and Pilates capacity, James specialises in sports specific strengthening, possessing an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics for injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Eythan achieved his Physiotherapy Degree in 2013.

Eythan loves to play Gaelic Football and is currently part of the Cu Chullains GAC who are based in Newcastle.

He is also a keen cyclist.

Along with his experience – he combines his passion for strengthening and fitness to provide the perfect Pilates class.


Qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2003, Kimberley went on to travel across the world to New Zealand where she spent time there working within a Physio Pilates Clinic.

Now back in the UK, she is currently working as a Specialist Physiotherapist for the 'Young Persons Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Service'.

She loves all things sporty including running and skiing.

Kimberley's love for Pilates 'knows no bounds' – coupled with her wealth of knowledge and experience – makes for the perfect Pilates class!

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"Knowledgeable, friendly and easy to understand."

- AK, Newcastle