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Move of the Month – Single Leg Scooter Combo

The cold weather is coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your summer body. October’s move of the month is one to tone your abs and perfect your balancing skills, both necessary steps to maintaining a healthy and stabilised core. The Single Leg Scooter Combo, while not from traditional Pilates, focuses on moving your legs and controlling your breathing while contracting your whole abdominal wall. This one’s slightly tough so be sure to follow the steps below exactly:

1. Start in a plank position, keeping your shoulders broad, your back straight and your neck naturally outstretched.

2. Lift your left leg off the ground and while pointing your toes bring it up to your chest and squeeze your left knee, keeping your right heel pushed back.

3. Stretch the left leg back behind you and lift it slightly to work your glutes.

4. Without lowering the leg, bring it back up towards your torso, but this time squeezing it near your right elbow.

5. Stretch the leg out and up again.

6. Bring it back towards you but squeeze near your left elbow.

7. Stretch the leg out and up again.

8. Bring it back and squeeze near your chest, then place the leg back on the ground.

9. The sequence should be; chest, behind, right elbow, behind, left elbow, behind, chest, down.

10. Repeat five times for each leg.

Every time you stretch your leg away, you should be breathing in, and every time you bring it into your body, breathing out. This move is not only excellent for working your core but is a great example of how focusing on your breath and the movement of your body can bring a sense of mindfulness to the person executing it.

If you are having trouble keeping up with this move or would like to learn some more like it, then sign up for one of our physio-led Pilates classes and see how we can help you achieve the body you dream of. Call us now on 0191 284 9111, or find out more here.

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