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Find out what our clients think

Regardless of their age, gender or ability level, you can find out how Newcastle Pilates’ diverse range of clients have personally benefited from our professional, personalised classes. Take a look at their testimonials below. 

I have been to Pilates classes before, but this is the best by a mile. Kevin is without doubt the best instructor I have ever had! The classes are small 10-12 max and the exercisers tailored personally to my needs and level. I am now running and playing cricket pain free for the first time in 2 years. The classes are run by top level physios at the top of their game.


Newcastle Upon Tyne

 I very rarely have any pain now and I can't thank Kevin enough. He has given me a new lease of life. I started the Pilates classes and I have been doing them weekly ever since.


Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I also attend Pilates classes which was brand new to me and I have found this to show noticeable improvements in not only my strength but also running technique.


Newcastle Upon Tyne

I've had chronic shoulder pain for over 20 years and have seen many physiotherapists during this time. It has always been a reoccurring problem.
I've since had several phyisio appointments with Kevin along with Pilates, and I've noticed a huge improvement with long lasting relief.
I think the difference with Kevin is his holistic approach. He has vast knowledge in many areas of health, fitness, wellness and phyisio and is keen to share his knowledge to ensure the best treatment for his clients. The Pilates classes are fantastic and are always tailored to each individuals needs, which is great.
I've recommended the physio and Pilates to my friends and family as whatever your needs/requirements they can help.




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"Knowledgeable, friendly and easy to understand."

- AK, Newcastle

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