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Monthly Pilates Tip: The Bridge Level 3

Now that we’re in the throes of the frantic festive season, you might find yourself in need of some regular relaxation. With stress-busting benefits, Newcastle Pilates is entering you into the next phase of the Bridge move: Level 3. Find out how this next variation of the classic exercise can help you ease into the Christmas period, and find some strength to boot.

Giving You a Leg Up

Whether you’ve taken a peek at our September tip or tried out Level 2 in last month’s blog, we’re pretty sure you’ll be well acquainted with the Bridge. Begin by assuming the normal Bridge starting position, lying on your back with your feet planted on the floor around hip width apart. Keep your arms by your side, palms facing downwards, and inhale deeply whilst tightening your core and pushing the hips as high as they will comfortably go to form a straight diagonal line from the shoulders up to the knees. From this position, inhale and lift the left leg, ensuring that the knee is at a 90 ° angle forming a ‘table top’. On the exhale, slowly lower the leg back down to the normal Bridge position, keeping the knees bent and hips raised. Repeat on the other leg, performing up to 10 repetitions on either side.

Restore Body Balance

This exercise is exceptional for targeting the hamstrings and glutes. Whilst in position, it’s vital that you contract these muscle groups in a bid to retain balance. By bilaterally engaging the glutes, you’ll see which side is putting more work in, helping you to identify and address any strength discrepancies between the right and left. As such, Level 3 of the Pilates Bridge helps you to further stabilise in challenging positions by rectifying muscular imbalances.

What a Feeling

With all this effort involved, you may be wondering where the relaxation we mentioned earlier comes in. To be precise, it’s almost immediately after you’ve completed the movement. This is thanks to the release of ‘the happy hormone’, endorphins, resulting in a state of exercise-induced euphoria which simultaneously relieves anxiety and has even been accredited with improving disrupted sleep patterns. That’s some perk for a simple Pilates progression.

Now that you’ve got your head around Bridge Level 3, why not advance your Pilates know-how further still with our weekly classes? Simply call the team at our Newcastle Pilates studio today on 0191 284 9111 or see our timetable online for more information.

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