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How Pilates Can Help Your Office Job

‘Back’ To Work?

Now that the winter break is over, the UK is beating a reluctant retreat to office life which means just one thing: lots of sedentary work. With more of us than ever choosing to earn our crust behind computer screens, we’ve seen a sharp rise in musculoskeletal complaints amongst younger generations. Before you go ahead and pack in your desk job, just hang fire: in our first blog of the year, Newcastle Pilates is revealing how our weekly exercises relieve troublesome lower back pain.

Strengthen Your Spine

Using a series of controlled movements, Pilates systematically targets under-used muscles in our core responsible for overall stability. These can be grouped into two broad categories: global and local muscles. Where global muscles include the better-known abdominals, the ‘local’ muscles are those positioned deep in around the spine, helping to stabilise and align the spinal column. By stimulating and engaging these areas, Pilates dramatically improves posture to relieve undue pressure on the lower back.

Postural Perception

Pilates doesn’t just improve posture practically. It also enhances an individual’s perception of how they hold themselves. Many Pilates-goers report this greater postural awareness as impacting multiple areas of their lives, from how they sit at their desk to how they engage in training exercises at the gym.

Beat the modern-day work styles and overcome lower back pain with our weekly Pilates classes. To reap the benefits of our professional exercises simply call the Newcastle Pilates team on 0191 284 9111 and book your place.

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