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Your Go-To Full Body Workout

An All Rounder

With its ever-growing fan base, you may be wondering why Pilates has seen such a spectacular surge in popularity. Aside from countless Hollywood stars and sportspeople proclaiming the perks of Pilates, the exercise holds its own with comprehensive fitness benefits for your ‘average Joe’. With all this in mind, we’re devoting our latest blog to proving why our Newcastle Pilates classes ought to be your go-to full-body workout.

Stability and Strength

Sometimes, hitting the weights at the gym simply isn’t the best option for developing strength. With a heightened possibility of injuries that could put paid to your fitness regime for months to come, you’re better off mixing things up with regular Pilates classes. Harnessing the body’s natural resistance through controlled movements, Pilates gradually conditions the body through muscle-lengthening exercises, targeting the overlooked muscles surrounding the spinal column. By focusing on these core muscles, it’s possible to enhance overall stability and flexibility, with the spine now better supported. As such, an individual is capable of completing a more diverse range of physical tasks.

Low Impact, Low Stress

One of the main principles of Pilates is to avoid high-impact exercise. In this way, the body isn’t subjected to jolts and jerks that could otherwise damage soft tissue or joints. Whilst this is generally more comfortable than slogging it out on the treadmill, this also has further positive implications: Pilates’ smooth, dynamic movements are suitable for people of all ages, from as young as 15 and even up to 80 years old.

Change your workout plans with our Newcastle Pilates studio hosting weekly classes for all ability levels. Just give us a call on 0191 284 9111 to book today or look online for further information.

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