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Here at Newcastle Pilates, our physio led classes aren’t just for fun. Of course, there is plenty of it, but we pride ourselves on delivering classes that help our clients reach their goals and overcome their physical obstacles. Far more than an exercise regime, Pilates offers total body and mind rejuvenation and to show you how we’ve broken it down from the P to the S!

POSTURE: Invented in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, this exercise was designed to be rehabilitative rather than sporting. By re-aligning the spine, Josephs philosophy was that every other body component would follow suit, thus alleviating the aches and pains of people. To this day, Pilates remains loyal to its origins and every move, even if slightly modified, aims to restore perfect posture.

IMPROVEMENTS: Besides improving your spinal alignment, the Pilates method is well renowned for improving several areas of the body. As the system focuses on improving flexibility, strength and bodily awareness, without adding bulk, Pilates is technically a resistance exercise. These sets of repetitions account for improvements in muscle tone, weight management and even cognitive processing!

LENGTHENING: By elongating the muscles worked in each session, overall flexibility can improve. Many of those who practice the Pilates method, report that this brings with it more enhanced sporting performance and a reduced risk of muscles being pulled of injury from strain.

ACCOMPLISHMENT: Regularly practising Pilates leads to a perfected technique and promotes a sense of accomplishment. It’s this that, in turn, encourages clients to keep coming back and setting themselves harder goals, resulting in a sense of achievement and generally creating a sense of well-being and positivity.

TIGHTENING: Although the immediate after effect of a Pilates class are loosened muscles, long-term commitment to the method can tighten areas of your body, in the desired way. Focusing on core strength and encouraging clients to engage their abdomen throughout, often leads to a more toned stomach area.

ENDORPHINS: Exercising in any form releases endorphins, which are chemicals inside the brain that make us feel good. By regularly partaking in a class, you sign up for elevated moods and improved physique!

SOOTHING: By focusing on small repetitive movements, stretching and breathing, Pilates promotes bodily awareness and can help relieve tensions in muscles and improve stress levels.

If you’re in search of any of the above and want to refresh your workout, try one of our classes today! Visit our website for more information about class times or call us on 0191 284 9111.

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