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Is Pilates Right For Me?

Contrary to what you may think, Pilates is an all-inclusive exercise that suits all manner of people regardless of age, fitness level or gender. As an exercise that targets the entire body with low impact movements, even those with injuries can undertake a class and it may even help speed up recovery. Unlike traditional ‘sports’ like football or netball, thanks to its simplicity Pilates is suitable for all ages, from young children right through to elderly adults.


While the popularity of Pilates in amongst adults is well known, it also offers a range of health benefits for children and young people. Starting Pilates at a young age is a good way to set children on a path towards fitness and good posture, which may eliminate some health risks as they grow, such as obesity and back issues. Currently, there are record numbers of childhood obesity and inactivity. Pilates promotes toned bodies and improves athletic capabilities which, in turn, can help children to gain a positive awareness of their bodies at an early age, learning how to move efficiently and make good exercise choices.

Middle Age

Reaching middle age, many people get into an inactive rut. Aside from shedding a few pounds or adding muscle, working out has some serious health benefits for those parts of the body that we can’t see. Regular exercise can prevent and delay illness and disability in middle adulthood. What’s more, if you’ve already identified a physical weakness or received a diagnosis of a condition or disease, Pilates can improve health conditions and reduce complications down the line.

Elderly Adults

Although exercising throughout life is vitally important, as we get older being active becomes all the more critical. During the senior years, many people suffer from reduced bone density and a lack of balance. This combination of issues often results in both falls and breakages which take a lot longer to heal once you’ve reached a certain age. As Pilates focuses on both building strength and improving posture and balance, it can be a good remedy in preventing nasty accidents.

A carefully designed Pilates programme is one of the best ways to ward off the physical problems associated with advancing age and for the young, it can set them up to lead healthy lives. Whatever your age, why not try a class today? Just call us on 0191 284 9111 to book.

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