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Perfect Your Summer Body with Pilates

It’s that time of year again, the mercury is rising and more and more of us dream of parading our toned and trim summer bodies in those shorts buried at the bottom of the wardrobe. Of course no matter how many calories you count, the only way to tone your muscles and create a chiselled physique is to exercise on a regular basis. But you don’t have to tediously pound a treadmill or hoist heavy weights around, Pilates is a renowned way to tone, with celebrities and sports stars swearing by it! Read on to see why Pilates will get you pumped in time for summer.

Go Hard Core

By focusing on balance and centralising the body, Pilates draws on your internal resistance, engaging the core with every repetition. You’d be forgiven for thinking that core equals abs but this is a myth we’re keen to dispel. Yes, the core is a group of muscles in the stomach and back that aid us in orchestrating larger movements, but there are also ‘stabiliser’ muscles to consider. These are positioned near to the vertebrae column and help to stabilise the spine, improving your posture. So not only will doing Pilates help tone your stomach, it’ll also help define and build the muscles in your back, so you’ll simultaneously be working on two muscle groups throughout a class.

All Over Workout

Don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all Pilates is good for; a class at Newcastle Pilates ensures that every muscle will be worked. Going through a series of movements, there will be variations on how weight is distributed across the limbs so you can rest assured no extremity will be left unchallenged. What’s more, the repetitions of each movement you complete in class effect not only your muscle tone, but your ability to burn calories, even after the class has finished. This is all thanks to the rep effect, that speeds up the metabolism, thus creating an after burn and bringing you one step closer to your summer shape.

Why not try a full body workout at Newcastle Pilates today? With sessions running daily at varying levels of difficulty, there’s a class for everyone. Just go online to see our timetable or call us on 0191 284 9111.

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