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Move of the Month: The ‘Y’

April has arrived and this month we’re focusing on a back strengthening movement called the ‘Y’. This mat based movement seems simple, but don’t let the laying down fool you; holding and maintaining the pose is a robust workout for your trapezius muscles. Your ‘traps’ are actually two muscles that support the rotation and stabilisation of the shoulder blade and aid in the movement and extension of the neck and head. They’re notoriously difficult to isolate as well as being one of the most commonly injured, so completing the ‘Y’ move is a sure-fire way to alleviate stress and ensure your workouts aren’t a pain in the neck!

  1. To begin the move, lie on your stomach with your arms down by your side. You should be relaxed so take a deep breath in and exhale powerfully.

  2. Pull your legs tightly together and rest your forehead on the floor.

  3. Bring your arms out in front of you and slightly part them so that your body resembles a ‘Y’ shape.

  4. Stretch your arms out, but make sure your elbows are soft and position your hands so that your thumbs are pointing upward.

  5. Now you’re ready to start the move, inhale whilst lifting your elbows and hands off the floor ensuring that you’re using your back muscles to do this and not your biceps.

  6. While elevated, squeeze your shoulder blades together while maintaining the ‘Y’ with your hands.

  7. After holding and squeezing, exhale powerfully and gently lower back down.

  8. Repeat a few repetitions of this move for maximum impact.

If you want to push yourself you can hold some light to medium weights in your hands while completing the move, but remember the trapezius is easily injured so don’t go too heavy!

‘Y’ not come and practice at one of our physio-led classes? Just visit our website to view our timetable or call us on 0191 284 9111.

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