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Holistic Prescription: Pilates!

Everybody knows that leading a healthy lifestyle involves regular exercise and eating a balanced diet to improve muscle function. Pilates has become part of many lifestyles over the last few years and these people reap the benefits of improved physical ability. But not everyone is aware of just how many healing qualities Pilates has, but not to worry, we can explain!

More than just posture

Anyone who does Pilates knows that its ability to improve posture is second to none. By activating the postural and core muscles in the body it encourages straight strong backs, raised chests and lifted chins throughout the workout and promotes these ideals in everyday life. Practising Pilates regularly encourages elongation of the spine and can re-align the vertebrae to a more comfortable set position. This in itself has many benefits as misaligned vertebrae can cause headaches, insomnia, depression, joint pain and chronic fatigue so by realigning the spine, Pilates can ward off or reduce the intensity of these ailments.

The spine also protects the central nervous system so aligning it correctly opens up the nerve pathways, meaning signals can be sent more quickly around the body. Facilitating this communication between the body and the brain enables greater efficiency in every single bodily system improving digestion, breathing, blood pressure and even quicker reaction times. The power of Pilates is endless!

Pain management

Heavily focused on stretching, Pilates can be a natural remedy for muscular pain. When a muscle is sending pain signals to the brain, it instinctively shortens and retracts which is why there is often tightness in a painful area. Pilates can not only reduce this tight feeling, but can speed up muscle recuperation. Because in a class, clients complete low impact movements with high repetitions, the muscles are exercised but without being strained further, so blood flow to the area increases bringing with it a healing package of repairing proteins, fuel and oxygen.

If you want more than just a workout, why not try a class at our Newcastle Pilates Studio today. View our website to see a timetable or call our experienced Physiotherapy team on 0191 284 9111.

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