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Monthly Pilates Tip: The Bridge Level 4

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll have noticed we’ve devoted the last few months to the ever-rewarding Pilates Bridge exercise. From the classic position to teaching you a handful of modified moves, we’re now revealing our final, most advanced Bridge variation. Please welcome- the Bridge Level 4.

Give an Arm and a Leg

This next phase is designed to challenge the body further still, combining the variations of both Level 2 and Level 3. Assume the usual Bridge position, with the feet as close to the buttocks as is comfortable, keeping them about hip width apart. Raise the hips as high as they will go to form the archetypal straight line from the bent knees down to the shoulders on the floor. It’s from this bridge-like stance that the exercise derives its name. Now, this is where the change comes in. Lift both arms straight out in front of your body. From here, inhale deeply whilst pushing down through the right foot, contracting your core and raising the left leg to form a 90° angle above the hip joint. Return your left foot to the floor on the exhale, keeping your arms in the air.

Trial and Error

We want to hold our hands up (figuratively, this time), and admit: this move is far from easy. In order to progress in Pilates ability, clients simply must challenge themselves to ever-more difficult positions. We recommend beginning with the classic Shoulder Bridge, gradually moving your way through the 4 different levels, as can be seen in our recent blog post series. By putting your body into unfamiliar positions, the Bridge and all its slight variations help to activate under-used muscle groups, enhancing stability, improving spinal strength and increasing overall flexibility.

For this move and much more, join our professional Newcastle Pilates studio. With an array of weekly class times, we’ve got a slot to suit you. Call the team on 0191 284 9111 today to book your place.

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