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The Bridge Level 2

Be on Another Level

Cast your mind back to September and you’ll remember us introducing you to a handy exercise known as ‘The Bridge’. Well, out of sheer appreciation for this stabilising move, Newcastle Pilates is devoting its next series of tips to the diverse variations of the Bridge. Without further ado, learn how you can progress to Level 2 of the movement. Hint: this one includes some arm action.

What’s New?

If you’ve completed Level 1 of the Basic Shoulder Bridge, then this will all feel very familiar. Assume the usual lying position, with bent knees, keeping your heels in line with the hips. Your feet should remain flat on the floor approximately hip distance apart and as close to the buttocks as comfortable. At this point, raise your arms directly above your chest, inhale deeply and press into your feet whilst you push the hips up in a slow, controlled movement. By lifting the arms, the body’s overall stability is decreased, challenging your muscles to find a new way to balance.

Why This Helps

All this begs the question: why leave behind the comfort of old, familiar Level 1 Bridge? As we mentioned above, this loss of a stable base to steady your body against means new muscles are engaged. This serves to strengthen everything from the hip muscles to your abdominals, resulting in improved lower back support. As such, this more advanced move further minimises your chance of injury or back pain, instead promoting flexibility and a greater range of movement.

Combine this move and more in our weekly Pilates classes. Simply contact our friendly team on 0191 284 9111 to book or take a look online for more.

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