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Pilates: Reshaping Your Body in 8 Weeks

Before we start, we want to acknowledge one thing. There’s no denying that the internet is saturated with promises of rapid transformations, all achieved in just a few short weeks. Whilst we agree that a healthy dose of scepticism is a good thing, we have to break it to you: the benefits of Pilates are no hoax. After 8 weeks of classes, Newcastle Pilates guarantee a stronger body and healthier mind. How can we be so sure? Read on.

Phase One: Become Hard‘core’

These days, pounding the gym is not only popular, it’s almost expected. Whilst we aren’t against lifting weights, we are big supporters of a more diverse exercise programme harnessing the body’s internal resistance. It’s in this way that Pilates activates your core. So what do we mean by core? Well, we want to dispel the notion that your abs alone are your core. Yes, as ‘global’ muscles they represent the surface muscle group aiding larger movements, but there are also the ‘local’, or stabiliser, core muscles to consider. These are positioned near to the vertebral column helping to stabilise and align the spine. By engaging these muscle groups, Pilates tests and enhances your core stability, posture and even stomach muscle definition.

Phase Two: Flexibility

Following two months of professional Pilates sessions, countless clients report improved overall flexibility. This perk can be accredited to the exercise moves themselves, which are in fact a type of dynamic stretch. In other words, rather than the familiar static stretches where a position is firmly held in place for a set amount of time, Pilates encourages fluid movement helping to stretch, lengthen and expand the muscles. These deep stretches result in a greater range of movement, helping the natural progression towards more challenging Pilates moves.

Phase Three: Improved Mental Health

This isn’t a mere placebo effect. With scientific studies affirming the positive mental health benefits of Pilates, these exercises are truly holistic. Thanks to a focus on breathing techniques throughout each movement, many clients experience a calming effect. Pilates has been found to reduce blood pressure, promote healthy blood circulation and even enhance sleep. And that feeling of elation immediately after the class? You can account that to the boosted level of endorphins in your system, a ‘happy’ hormone, as it were, leading to good moods.

With all this achieved in just 8 weeks of bi-weekly classes, why not try out our professional Pilates today? Simply call the Newcastle Pilates team on 0191 284 9111 or book your place online today.

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