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Pilates and Injury Rehabilitation

People all over the world are familiar with Pilates and the posture perfecting abilities that repeated practice can bring. Becoming somewhat ‘trendy’ over the last few years, many have experienced increased physical fitness, added strength and improved flexibility thanks to the technique. But it is also fast rising in other sectors outside of fitness; Pilates is now gaining traction as a way for people to rehabilitate from injuries.

Bringing Back Balance

Most injuries are caused by muscular imbalances within the body and many things can cause them. Our posture, the way we walk, sit, bend or exercise can all put strain on areas of the body. Most humans move incorrectly in one way or another which spreads an imbalance in the muscles, making us susceptible to strain, pulls, tears or even worse. But Pilates can bring back the balance in our muscles as it promotes good posture and equalises strength throughout the body by strengthening the core, stressing spinal alignment and professing pelvic positions. These three areas act as the bodies powerhouse and by creating equilibrium within them, it makes us move the way we’re supposed too.

Flexible Form of Rehab

Unlike conventional forms of physical therapy, Pilates offers more flexibility to those trying it out to alleviate their ailments. Every movement in Pilates can be modified to individual needs, whilst still maintaining effectiveness in the desired areas. This means that movements can be very basic or very advanced depending on how a patient needs to progress, or how badly they are injured. As Pilates teaches the best way to position the body for maximum results, this can also help speed up recovery times when compared to conventional treatments.

Physio Led Classes

In order to benefit from rehabilitative Pilates, it is vital that you are seeking the help of a trained physiotherapist. After all, try and complete a move without proper guidance and you could end up causing imbalances elsewhere in the body or furthering your injury. If you are injured and looking to try Pilates to reduce your pain, then a class or private session at Newcastle Pilates is the tonic. All of our teachers are trained physiotherapists who can expertly tailor the workouts to suit your abilities and injuries.

If you’re injured and would like to try out Pilates, then call us on 0191 284 9111 to discuss your requirements and book a class.

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